The Utah Division of State History’s Preservation Pro system is used view and update cultural resource data based on field surveys and to maintain data for historical structures. Since some of the data presented is protected by state and federal laws, access is restricted.
Latest News...
Latest News:
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9/2018: if you are accessing archaeological data and do not have access to the dha.lib.utah.edu site please let us know. This site provides updated access to archaeological site forms and about twelve years of archaeological reports. Approximately 300 new scans are added each week.

12/8/2017: there is a security certificate error that we are working to address. If you've made it to this home page you've made it past the initial issue. The system is safe but we are working to resolve the issue further. 

11/2/2016: we've just published a handy guide to requesting site numbers from Arch Records.  This includes how-to for importing spatial data into our templates.  Check it out!

6/29/2016  If you are entering historic property data as part of a historic survey, it is not necessary to use the "locate address" button or add spatial data for the property.  This function is currently out of order and we are developing an alternate process to create and edit spatial data for properties in historic surveys.  We will keep you posted and as always, we appreciate your patience.

 1/1/2016  Site form scanning is complete!  With a few exceptions all site forms held by the Antiquities Section should now be scanned and available.  If you find an error or missing records please let us know (feedback tab).  Next step:  report scanning!


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