The Utah Division of State History’s Preservation Pro system is used view and update cultural resource data based on field surveys and to maintain data for historical structures. Since some of the data presented is protected by state and federal laws, access is restricted.
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Latest News:
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December 2018: when using the dha.lib.utah.edu site (aka UDAM) consider using the following advanced search code to limit the search results to full PDFs only:

(site number) AND type_t:(text)   [example: (42sl300) AND type_t:(text)]
(report number) AND type_t:(text)  [example: (42sl300) AND type_t:(text)

November 2018: if you are accessing archaeological data and do not have access to the dha.lib.utah.edu site please let us know. This site provides updated access to archaeological site forms and about twenty-five years of archaeological reports (1988-2013) not currently available on Preservation Pro alone. Approximately 300 new scans are added each week.


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